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Webinar Recording: Strategies When Working in Brief Client Contact

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This pre-recorded webinar runs for 1.5 hours and can be purchased online and accessed at any time.

Single Session Thinking (SST) is a therapeutic approach which has evolved on the premise that the first  psychotherapy session is potentially the most therapeutic and has the greatest influence on outcomes. It also operates on the assumption that the first session may be the only session that the client attends. 

Whilst this approach may not suit all individuals, research has found that the most common length of psychotherapy in Australia is a single session.  

Drawing on the foundations of SST, Dr Rabba will provide an overview of effective strategies that you can utilise when supporting clients in brief therapy. She will also cover the basic philosophy of this therapeutic approach and how to embed it in your practice. 

This webinar video examines:

  • foundational knowledge of the key features of Single Session Thinking 
  • an understanding of the strengths and difficulties of utilising Single Session Thinking in clinical practice
  • basic skills to translate knowledge of Single Session Thinking into practice. 

About the presenter

Dr Aspasia Stacey Rabba is an educational and developmental psychologist, lecturer and researcher. She has a breadth of experience in supporting individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions through assessment, diagnosis, and mental wellbeing. Her focus from a psychological perspective is to improve quality of life and optimise wellbeing through strengths-based interactions and compassionate care.  

Dr Rabba's clinical experience has led her to examine and understand the use of effective brief therapeutic approaches, such as Single Session Thinking.  

As an academic, Dr Rabba is committed to supporting the next generation of clinicians and researchers in their learning to utilise developmental science across the lifespan.  

She combines her academic interests and knowledge as a practitioner with continued clinical work using education, collaboration, co-design, and evidence-based practice

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