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Support for Fathers - Working with Dads: Self-Paced Short Course

Learn how to give dads options and information about fatherhood, the relationship with their partner, and connecting with their kids.

$ 210.00 inc. GST

Property and Financial Matters in FDR: Self-Paced Short Course

Gain confidence in conducting FDR for property and financial matters.

$ 450.00 inc. GST

Professional Boundaries in Therapeutic & Care Work: Self-paced Short Course

Professional boundaries are the legal, ethical and organisational frameworks that protect both client and workers.

$ 290.00 inc. GST

Conducting FDR Online: Self-Paced Short Course

This course covers introductory aspects of facilitating Family Dispute Resolution in an online environment.

$ 250.00 inc. GST

Online Workshop: Working with Dads - 16/02/2022

Gain strategies to engage dads and families in positive and effective ways.

$ 220.00 inc. GST

2-Day Online Workshop: The Accidental Mediator - February, 2022

Support parties to come a more collaborative, solution focussed space.

$ 440.00 inc. GST

Online Workshop: Single Session Contacts (Therapeutic) - 24/02/2022

Engage with valuable strategies and tools that can be integrated into their practice.

$ 220.00 inc. GST

Online Workshop: Transitioning into Leadership - 03/03/2022

Build effective leadership skills and transition into the leadership space.

$ 220.00 inc. GST