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Online Workshop: How to Make Your Diverse Workplace Inclusive - 04/07/2023

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Date: 04/07/2023

Time: 9.30am - 1.00pm (AEST)

Learn key leadership strategies to prevent exclusion and build an inclusive workplace culture at your organisation.

Championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a key aspect of leadership that all leaders need to get to grips with. With our increasingly diverse workplaces and concerning incidents involving exclusion and discrimination, diversity and inclusion should be high on every leader’s agenda.

If you think about a time when you felt on the outside, like you didn’t belong, you’ll get a sense of what it feels like to be excluded. We’ve all experienced exclusion at some time in our lives, but imagine if you felt excluded every single day. In our diverse workplaces, exclusion is a daily experience for some people. Whether because of race, religion, age, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation, or just because you’re a bit different, exclusion is painful. All human beings simply want to belong.

Everyone is responsible for tackling exclusion and promoting inclusion at work. However, to really transform your workplace, the behaviours that support inclusion will need to be embedded in the values and culture of the organisation, and modelled by its leaders.

This interactive online workshop is designed to increase leaders’ awareness of workplace diversity, and build skills to prevent exclusion and promote inclusion in the workplace.

The training will help leaders understand how the need to belong is hard-wired and how privilege and unconscious bias operate to create exclusion. Participants will learn 5 strategies to tackle exclusion in the workplace, and to support team members to feel and be included.

To make the online learning experience more accessible, this 3-hour workshop is broken up into 2 sessions of 90 minutes each, with a half-hour break in between.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will have:

  • increased your awareness of workplace diversity
  • improved your understanding the causes of exclusion and how the need to belong is hard-wired
  • increased your skills to promote inclusion in the workplace through practical inclusion habits.

Ideal for

New and emerging leaders working in the community services sector who want to foster a workplace culture which understands and celebrates diversity.

About the presenter

Maria Brett is a leadership and organisational development expert who helps people live and lead courageously - from the inside out - for impact that really matters. Maria has more than 20 years’ experience as a leader in the non-profit sector. For 10 years, she was CEO of the Counselling and Psychotherapy Federation of Australia where she achieved substantial organisational growth and built a purpose-driven culture based on ethics, resilience and wellbeing.

As a psychotherapist, and as former CEO, Maria brings a unique approach to her work as a trainer and coach. She has integrated a lifetime of learning about mindfulness, resilience and leadership, and her own personal growth journey, to design programs to inspire others to grow, both personally and professionally.

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  • This online, interactive workshop will be delivered live via Zoom video-conferencing. Further information will be provided upon registration.

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